I Like Embarrassing Bro Music and I Won't Apologize For It

I remember a while ago there was a quote attributed to Dave Grohl that used to pop up on my Tumblr feed every now and then about guilty pleasures and how you shouldn't feel sorry for what you enjoy. It was another instance that we can add to the growing list of reasons why Dave Grohl is one of the top 5 human beings alive today; he's encouraging people to like whatever music and art they enjoy and should not feel compelled to hide what they enjoy for any surface level reason.

Where I believe Grohl may have been mistaken is the piece he chose to cite as his guilty pleasure: Toxic by Britney Spears. The reasoning for why he may have selected Toxic have more to do with American culture's view of masculinity and music choice, which I can understand, but it surely didn't have anything to do with Toxic being a bad song because (as Grohl points out) Toxic is an AMAZING song. Pop it on among friends some time in the car and there will be, at the bare minimum, one person who whistles along to the strings hook. The song is an absolute ear-worm and I have yet to meet anyone who's listened to the song and thought it was bad or shameful.

If Grohl wanted to really drive the point home, he would have picked a song or genre that is vastly maligned, devoid of catchy hooks, and has lyrics that have the content quality and cleverness of an Uwe Boll film.

You want a REAL guilty pleasure? Here's mine: I love embarrassing "bro music".

There, I said it, and I'm not ashamed to say it again. I LIKE EMBARRASSING BRO MUSIC.

To clarify, this does still only apply to certain bands and I completely recognize all of the problems that befall the artists who fit into this classification. Bro music is often times made of rudimentary musicianship, singers with little to no talent, and have a tendency to slip into (more like, barrel headfirst into) outright misogyny. I'm not here to make any sort of defense for bands of this mold, I'm simply here to make a declaration that I enjoy this genre unironically and I'm glad I can get it off my chest.

I'm someone who can find value in every genre of music; Bro music is completely devoid of any such quality, yet for some reason I find myself strangely drawn to it and I'm not entirely sure why.



Here's the underlying answer:

My lifelong love affair with professional wrestling once again pays massive "dividends". Thanks a lot Rock and Stone Cold.