High Tides: Hey Jake and Josh!

So, since this whole blog was predicated on something one of them said, I figure that it only makes sense for them to be the second article. Jake Mason and Josh Nichols are the two main content creators of this network, and it's really really great? I legit love it.

The Hey Jake and Josh network do a mcelroy of podcats, They have The Morphin Grid, GasCast, Pokemon World Tour United, Cool Kids Table, and now Kingdom Smarts. It's these two friends from Texas who go make content that it's clear they really really care about. Be it Power Rangers, Legends of the Hidden Temple. or whatever, they are so passionate and legit so friendly and kind I love it.

Let me break down their podcasts for you real quick:

The Morphin' Grid - This is a podcast that got me back into Power Rangers. I hadn't watched it for years, since I was a kid really, but these two going through every episode, twice a week, through the ENTIRE PANTHEON OF POWER RANGERS SHOWS has gotten me watching it all over again. The amount of love they have for the series shows, and they won't mince words when they hit a bad episode, but it's outstanding and fun to listen to even when you AREN'T watching along.

Pokemon World Tour United - An actual play podcast taking place YEARS after Pokemon Red and Blue, two heroes are on their Pokemon Journey together. Rose Jenny, a Jenny who didn't want to be a cop, and Cobalt, a kid who just wants to do his best, leave from Pallet town and are IMMEDIATELY thrust into a bigger adventure that has the entire world held in the balance. There are alot of great side characters, a wonderful Pokemon Contest trainer, a Not-so-bad Rocket, new gym leaders and it's all directed by the wonderful Alan Sells, who lovingly mimics every Poke sound and has crafted a genuinely compelling story that I look forward to every two weeks.

Gascast - Gascast, which stands for Game and Sports Cast, is these two going through and talking about their favorite sports and game shows from TV! They talk about Legends of the Hidden Temple, Battle-bots, and American Gladiator and others. I never watched game shows as a kid, but it's still so much fun, and honestly has made me want to go back and watch them.

Cool Kids Table - CKT is the show where they get to try out different game systems. They, under the careful watch of Alan and joined by their friend Shannon Manor (EMMY AWARD WINNING SHANNON MANOR), play through multiple different Tabletop RPGs. At time of writing, they're doing a Harry Potter thing and I love it.

Kingdom Smarts - This podcast actually hasn't started yet, but I am insanely excited about it. Shannon, who is a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan, is going to take time to explain to Jake everything about Kingdom Hearts. This is a great idea for a podcast, because like, learning more about Kingdom Hearts is a god damn CHORE and podcasts like this are always the funnest to me. I'm really hype to hear it come out.


That's it! Those are the podcasts they do, they legit have something for everyone and I CANNOT SUGGEST ENOUGH that you go check them out! Listen to them! Tell your friends about them! Talk with them on twitter because High Tide Raise All Ships!

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