High Tides: The Adventure Zone

As the first entry in my High Tides Raise All Ships series, I want to pitch to you a podcast you've already probably heard of, and isn't necessarily in need of press but it's dope all the same.

Picture if you will, the most compelling modern fantasy I've ever experienced. It starts as a light hearted journey, and very quickly becomes something much more then the characters could have ever expected. It starts three brothers and their dad, and of course, the medium is Dungeons and Dragons. The story talks about family, it talks about loss, it talks about mistakes and going back to try and fix those later. It's moving and emotional and it's insane that a comedy podcast begets such emotion from me, but it does. My fiancee and I sit around our table listening to this from our Bluetooth speaker like it's an episode of Johnny Dollar and we're living in the 50's.

The Adventure Zone is a Mcelroy Production, starring Travis, Justin, and their dad Clint as the characters Magnus Burnsides, Taako Taaco, and Merle Highchurch. Griffin, the youngest brother, is the Dungeon Master of the whole game and has created the most compelling narrative. To tell you much about it would be spoiling some of the greatest twists and turns I've experienced in a medium like this, but the general concept is this:

"Three adventurers are hired by the mysterious Bureau of Balance, who has enlisted them in their effort to rid the world of seven deadly artifacts that no one can remember. The Bureau has erased the memory of the entire populace into forgetting these artifacts, and is trying to collect them before something terrible happens."

That's legit as much as I can give away before I spoil it. But please please please, check this shit out. If you don't want to start at the beginning, the third arc (Pedals to the Medal) is a good place to start. It's a Mad Max/Wacky Races style adventure, and the players and characters are already pretty fleshed out by that point, so everyone is comfortable.

So that's my first pitch to ya'll. Please, go check out the Adventure Zone, and tweet at me @RevRyeBread all your thoughts because I want to talk to EVERYONE about this.

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