High Tides Raise All Ships

I've been podcasting a little over two years now, and through that I've made some pretty rad friends. One of them, Jake Mason of the Hey Jake and Josh network, has something he says all the time in terms of other people and their podcasts.

High Tides Raise All Ships.

It's a great outlook to have when it comes to podcasts, and your peers work, because it makes it important that while you do good, you help people around you do good. It's an inclusive view to entertainment and it is so god damn dope. It's because of that I have Favorite Podcasts in my bio, and I tried to make it a point to include my friends podcasts. (Some excluded, I don't know The Adventure Zone or Rose Buddies casts but they're just good shows.) It's so important to hype up your friends shit.

Because we've been fed this idea that we need to be in competition with our friends art, bands, or ventures. That there is a finite amount of content the world can have and gdit I want to be that content. That's a busted way of viewing it. Because that makes an environment where we don't help foster growth in our community. That is what we are too, we are a community of creators. 

There's no airtime we're all fighting for, there's not gonna be a podcasters strike or anything, so just sell your friends shit, and they'll sell yours.


That being said, I'm gonna try to take time to come on this blog space, and tell you why you should listen to a particular podcast, commission a particular artist, or listen to a mix tape. I hope you like my reccomendations!

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