Alien Happy Hour was founded by four friends who are passionate about creating. We have grown and changed since 2015, from one podcast and the occasional stream, to now currently having three weekly shows - AHHW*F, Movie Club, and Musicology - as well as limited series and other streams and sketches. With Alien Happy Hour you’re going to get a mix of a lot of different things but everything is done with the hopes of creating the most entertaining product we can. Below you’ll find some examples of what you can expect from us but it’s not all we will do.

The Podcasts

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Movie Club

The idea behind Movie Club is very simple; it's a book club for people who watch movies. Movie Club became the 2nd Alien Happy Hour podcast when the first episode launched on August 8th, 2015. Ben and Chris watched George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino in From Dusk Till Dawn, and the podcast continued to grow from there. The core group has become Ben, Chris, Taylor, Cal, Maura, and Liz, but there's always a chance for different people to show up depending on the movie - Movie Club has had over 15 rotating guests.

Every week, we pick a movie to watch and then have a fun discussion about what we liked and didn't like - or in some cases loved and hated. With theme months like De Niro December, 007 July, and Horror Movie October it's always a good time to join the Club. Silence your phones and grab some popcorn, it's time for the Movie Club.

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Musicology Logo.jpg


Musicology takes a look back at music throughout history, the legends and the forgotten. If you’ve ever wanted a podcast to put two albums head-to-head and see which one comes out on top, or simply examine the complexities of Tubthumpin’, you’ve found a home. Each week we take a look at an album(s)/song using one of our episode formats, hosted by Ben Schwind and featuring a rotating cast of music lovers. The format and music are chosen by our contributors or once a month by Patreon supporters.

Episode Formats

Mastered–One album presented for review. We’ll break it down and talk about different aspects of it.

Side by Side –We compare and contrast two albums that can be grouped together for any reason (e.g. Nevermindby Nirvana & Tenby Pearl Jam, The Beatles’ Revolverand Rubber Soul, NSYNC’s No Strings Attached & Backstreet Boys’ Millenium). If there is a reason that you can come up with that two albums should share the stage together, then it probably works.

One Night Only–We look at a artist/band’s live album. We talk about it it’s actually one concert or a collection of shows and how they have changed –improving or not –the songs from the album versions. Does this album simulate an entertaining show or does it just feel like, “hey I guess we should release a live album.” (e.g. Frampton Comes Alive! –Peter Frampton, MTV Unplugged in New York –Nirvana, Live At the Apollo –James Brown)

Collectible –Soundtracks or compilation albums. In the case of a soundtrack, we’ll talk about how it works in context with the movie (if you’ve seen the movie) and how it stands on it’s own.In the case of a compilation album, we’ll talk about how the songs work together in this format. (e.g. Rarities –The Beatles, Blues –Jimi Hendrix, Baby Driver Soundtrack, Top Gun Soundtrack, Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) –The Eagles)

One Hit Wonder –One song, one hit. We look at the song that made an artist/band. Feel free to compare it with other stuff they’ve made that was never popular or just with other music from the time. How do you feel this song captured lightning in a bottle?(e.g. Tubthumpin’ –Chumbawumba, Take On Me –Aha, Closing Time –Semisonic)

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The Retired Podcasts

Podcasts hung in the rafters at Alien Happy Hour HQ

The Chat Room

Chat Room Logo 3.jpg

Patient zero of Alien Happy Hour, The Chat Room was started back in 2015 when podcast-obsessed cousins, Ben and Riley, decided they wanted to start one of their own. From episode one, they've been dedicated to talking about all the important issues of the day like comics, movies, TV, video games, music, memes, sports, the Jedi Order, and Candy Land. The Chat Room family would eventually grow with the additions of Chris and Taylor, forming the nerdy quartet that hits the mics every week.

The Chat Room is a conversational podcast, meaning that the topic could really go anywhere. Taylor could be talking about a movie he had just seen and next thing you know Chris is asking the group if they think we have free will - just don't get Riley started on the idea of Marvel movie fatigue.

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Losing Big

There are so many podcasts about College Football’s best teams, but who is talking about the struggling programs? Taylor and Sprunti are on a journey to discover what makes a program fall on its face, and how it can overcome obstacles to find success! It’s the podcast that’s as much about failure as it is about football!

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The Videos

Our YouTube channel is loaded with a little bit of everything: let's plays, live streams, sketches, tutorials, recaps, and even a video game wrestling federation. Like our podcasts, we like to have a little bit of something for everyone.

Alien Happy Hour Wrestling* Federation: Every Thursday night, join us in the Elementary School Gymnasium to watch your favorite pop culture characters compete for championships and resolve personal issues in the ring. This is a wrestling show unlike any you’ve seen before.


The Fast and the Curious: Chris loves The Fast and the Furious movies, Ben has never seen them. Together they're watching through the entire franchise, one movie at a time.


Trainwreck Tutorials: Join Alien Happy Hour's resident tutoronomist as he teaches you how to do everything from shaving to making a gaming computer. He knows a little bit about everything and wants to pass it on to you.








On top of all that, there's plenty of other great things that Alien Happy Hour's doing over on YouTube, check it out now!